How to Prepare for Your Online Class at MLC

Congratulations! We are excited for you to join Michigan Language Center’s online classes.

To have the best class experience, take these 5 simple steps before your first class:

1. Download the Telegram app on your phone AND on your computer.

MLC uses a messaging app called Telegram to communicate important daily information to students. Your instructors will also use this to communicate with your class.

You should download Telegram to BOTH your phone AND your computer.  You can find the Telegram mobile app in your App Store. After downloading the app, follow the directions to create an account on your phone.

Then, join the Michigan Language Center Telegram Group by clicking the below link on your phone:
[Link to Join the Michigan Language Center Telegram Group]

After you set up your account on mobile, install Telegram for your computer using this link:
[Download Telegram for Your Computer]

After you download Telegram to your computer, you will see instructions to connect Telegram from your phone to your computer.

2. Download Zoom on your Computer or Tablet

You will need to install an app called Zoom (link below) on your computer. You will use Zoom to connect to the online class. You do NOT need to set up a personal Zoom account to access MLC class, so you do NOT need to continue past the sign-up screen.

We STRONGLY recommend that you use Zoom on your computer or tablet for the best class experience.

[Click here to download Zoom]


3. Watch This Quick Zoom Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to join Zoom and use the basic Zoom controls

4. Test Zoom

Join a test meeting to make sure Zoom is working properly on your computer or tablet.

[Click here to test Zoom]

Practice the following:

  • Turn off / Turn on microphone
  • Turn off / Turn on video

  • Click the ‘Participants’ button and use the ‘Raise Hand’ button
  • Click the ‘Chat’ button and type ‘Hello!’ into the chat box

In addition, we use Zoom breakout rooms a lot in our classes. Breakout rooms allow small groups to meet in class. Please read the below on how to join a breakout room in Zoom.

5. Five Minutes Before Class Starts…Go to the Zoom Classroom

Visit the MLC Online page and look for your class.
Click the link that says “Join Live Class

That’s it! You’re ready to start learning! 🎉

If you experience tech issues…
Please call us at +1 734.663.9415, email us, or head over to Zoom’s comprehensive help center.

Note: Our teachers will do their best to assist you if you experience tech issues during class, but remember – their primary focus is on creating an excellent learning experience for ALL learners, so their ability to troubleshoot with individuals is limited. If you need technical help, please call or email us using the information listed above so that our administrative staff can help you.

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