Advanced Reading & Discussion


Course Description

Whether a student’s goals are to improve English for professional, academic, or real-world purposes, the Advanced Level classes help them to achieve these goals.

This special Current Events Reading class will focus on reading from various sources on current topics. Students will evaluate sources, read articles selected by the instructor, themselves and classmates, and learn to lead a substantive, fact-based discussion. The class will also focus on learning and implementing reading strategies, and gaining new vocabulary.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build confidence in accessing and engaging with authentic materials.
  • Summarize the ideas in the reading and discuss the content in depth.
  • Answer questions about main idea, details, and examples.
  • Scan passages to find details.
  • Infer meaning based on context clues.
  • Develop a sophisticated vocabulary and identify synonyms for new words.
  • Identify the writer’s purpose, attitude, and tone.

This class is also available in the following formats:

Private Lessons
Small Group Lessons

For Private or Small Group Lessons, please email to discuss scheduling options.

Class Format
Live Online
5 Weeks
Class Days
11:10am-1:00pm EST
Registration Deadline


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