Advanced Writing: Essay Writing

MLC writing

Course Description

Whether a student’s goals are to improve English for professional, academic, or real-world purposes, the Advanced Level classes help them to achieve these goals.

Special course focusing on summary-response writing, giving students the opportunity to decide on a reading topic, learn and practice summarizing techniques, and then write an opinion essay based on the reading. Students learn to write an informed and well- cited essay following standard essay format and citation rules. The class uses materials available online and student-generated writing examples for reference and practice. By taking this course, the student is preparing for university-level writing and reading, which is the basis of university studies in the USA.

  • Write a complete, well-organized essay with a clear thesis statement and effective support.
  • Paraphrase sentences from a text using synonyms, grammatical changes, etc.
  • Read, take notes, and summarize main ideas from a text.
  • Introduce and cite sources properly for paraphrases and summaries.
  • Incorporate a variety of sentence types in writing (simple, compound, complex).
  • Write a well-organized and purposeful essay based on research.
  • Use correct punctuation and verb tense for direct and/or indirect quotations.

This class is also available in the following formats:

Private Lessons
Small Group Lessons

For Private or Small Group Lessons, please email to discuss scheduling options.

Class Format
Live Online
5 Weeks
Class Days
11:10am-1:00pm EST
Registration Deadline


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