Business English: Effective Presentations

Course Description

Whether a student’s goals are to improve English for professional, academic, or real-world purposes, the Advanced Level classes help them to achieve these goals.

This course focuses on preparing and delivering a well-organized and engaging business presentation, from start to finish. We will explore the foundations of what makes an effective presentation, beginning with an understanding of “big picture” concepts like audience, purpose, and flow. We will then explore the finer details of business presentations, such as persuasive speaking, non-verbal communication, the use of visuals, and answering audience questions. Throughout the course, students will develop and ultimately deliver their own presentations on a topic of their choosing and will receive individualized feedback from the instructor and peers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Deliver a well-organized and engaging business presentation that is suited to a particular audience and purpose
  • Use transitions and other organization techniques to create a sense of flow
  • Prepare effective introductions and conclusions
  • Improve their ability to speak persuasively using evidence, and clearly communicating general information and precise detail when needed
  • Improve non-verbal communication skills, especially related to giving presentations
  • Improve use of varied intonation and highlighting to indicate key points/concepts
  • Design and evaluate clear and effective visuals
  • Practice techniques for handling audience questions
  • Build self-confidence in delivering business presentations

This class is also available in the following formats:

Private Lessons
Small Group Lessons

For Private or Small Group Lessons, please email to discuss scheduling options.

Class Format
Live Online
5 Weeks
Class Days
7:10-9:00PM EST
Registration Deadline


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