For over 40 years, MLC has worked with professionals and HR teams at global companies to equip them with the English skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy.

  • MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY: Increase collaboration across global teams through eliminating language barriers.
  • INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Equip employees to confidently handle difficult conversations and customer requests.
  • INVEST & RETAIN TALENT: Invest in your employees’ potential through our highly customizable leadership and communications training modules.
  • CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR COMPANY: No two companies are the same. Our team will work with you to tie our curriculum to business outcomes and structure classes to fit your employees’ schedules and preferences. Learn More.

Our Directors will meet with you and your team to discuss and assess your training needs, and to craft a program of study specific to your organization. Contact us to begin this process today.

Custom Programs

No two companies are the same. We can customize your training schedule and curriculum so that it aligns with your company’s goals, is relevant to your employees, and tailored to fit into your team’s schedules and learning preferences. Our training can also be customized for individuals or small groups, and can be in-person, online, or hybrid.

1-1 Executive Training

Coaching high-potential employees on specific communication and leadership needs such as: leading meetings, giving presentations, engaging staff informally, and understanding local culture.

Group English Classes

Training groups of employees with a curriculum that is tailored to their English level and needs.

Professional English

Equipping your team with highly relevant topics such as cross-cultural communication skills, email writing, navigating difficult conversations, and presentations skills. Learn more about the Professional English class here.

Study In-person With Us

Send your employees to our school in Ann Arbor, U.S.A and take advantage of our on-campus program!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you to train your team.


We know that training international professionals to be effective communicators takes more than just teaching the English language. Corporate culture and contextual understanding are critical. That’s why our professional training takes an integrated approach that weaves together corporate culture, cross cultural communication, and language skills.


Corporate Standards
& Protocols


Implicit vs. Explicit

How cultural values translate
into communicative styles


Pronunciation, Stress,
and Intonation

Listening Techniques

Vocabulary & Idioms

Writing & Grammar

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Video Conferencing
  • Conference Calls
  • Email, Text & Memo Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Networking
  • Small Talk

Our methodical approach allows us to design customized training for your employees. We dedicate time to clearly understanding your goals and the context of your team’s work. Next, we evaluate each of your employees so that we can assess their language and communication needs. Finally, we work with you to design a training plan tailored specifically for your team.

step 1

Agree on

Meet with key stakeholders to understand language needs and professional goals.

step 2

Language Levels

All relevant employees take an English assessment test to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

step 3

Training Plan

Using data collected from the English assessments, MLC will design and recommend a customized training plan.

step 4


Once we agree upon a training plan, we will start lessons online or onsite.

Download our report
Download our Report

What elements should a successful English training program include? Download our report today to learn more.

Best Practices
Industry Case Studies

Rassini NHK Automotive | Automotive Engineering

Rassini is the world’s largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles as well as the largest fully integrated brake rotor producer in the Americas. The global company has eight manufacturing sites in North America and Brazil, and offices in six countries.


With global offices throughout the world, Rassini’s subsidiary in Brazil, Rassini NHK Automotive, needed an English language provider to train its workforce to be able to collaborate and communicate in English with clients and global teams.


MLC evaluated the English learning needs of each individual employee that needed English training, and enrolled them in online ESL and Professional English classes to equip them with the practical skills they need to collaborate with teammates and clients from different countries. MLC’s online classes have provided Rassini NHK Automotive with a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. At the end of each session, MLC provides Rassini’s HR team with progress reports for each student.

Williams International | Aerospace Manufacturing

Williams International is a privately-held American manufacturing company specializing in gas turbine engines. The company employs 1000+ employees with multiple facilities across the U.S.


After relocating employees from Mexico to the U.S. to work at its manufacturing plants, Williams International needed an English training provider to support their employees’ transition through language training. Williams International’s goal was to find a partner who could help the employees and their family members gain the language skills needed to successfully navigate their work responsibilities as well as daily life in the U.S.


MLC developed an online English training program that allowed employees and family members from multiple states to be able to participate in. The employees and family members are grouped into level-appropriate classes, and are able to progress through six levels of classes to gain a greater proficiency in the English language. Digital literacy has also been woven into our curriculum to account for the varying levels of education and exposure to technology.

SMITHGROUP | Architectural Design

SmithGroup is an award-winning, global, integrated architectural design firm with 15 offices in the USA and China.


Many international employees across the global office have recognized that their career advancement and success is tied to their level of communication skills and their linguistic understanding of the US culture.


MLC built a training program for the Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dallas, and Phoenix offices – delivering both in-person and online training. The curriculum focused on pronunciation, general speaking & listening skills, public speaking, presentations, and informal social communication.

JATCO | Automotive Engineering

Jatco Ltd, headquarters in Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic transmissions, and the No. 1 CVT (continuously variable transmission) manufacturer in the world.


The Japanese expat employees are on assignment in the USA for 1-3 years. They work with teams that are primarily made up of native speakers of English. Expat employees need support not only with the English language, but also with understanding American culture.


MLC developed an English training program that is taught entirely online for its employees across multiple states. The employees are grouped according to English level, and the trainings focus on speaking and pronunciation, listening skills, and Business English. There are periodic language evaluations to measure employees’ progress. MLC’s classes also incorporate TOEIC-like questions and practice sessions to prepare the employees to take this exam.


For more information, call 734-663-9415 between 9am-5pm EST, or complete the form below and we will contact you within 2 business days.

MLC’s Custom Corporate Training programs are not accredited by ACCET.

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