MLC Workshop to help Global MBA students build authentic relationships in the US

On February 14, 2023, Michigan Language Center (MLC) hosted a workshop titled “Breaking the Ice and Building Connections” for Global MBA students at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The Ross School, ranked as one of the top Business Schools in the US, offers the Global MBA Program for international students who want to accelerate their global business leadership.

MLC has partnered with the Ross School since last year to assist Global MBA students in developing the communication skills they need to succeed in the business field.

The 3 hour-long interactive workshop aimed at preparing students to build authentic relationships in the American business world by teaching American idioms, humor, small talk, techniques of self-introduction, and cultural differences in communication style. Carla Thisse, an MLC instructor who has years of experience working with multinational corporations, led the workshop with Moses Lee, MLC’s CEO and Ross alumnus.

Left: Global MBA students paired and chose American idioms on the wall
Right: Carla Thisse discusses the meaning of idiom with students

Left: Moses Lee gives students advice on self introduction in a professional setting
Right: Students paired each other and practiced small talks

Global MBA students deeply engaged in group discussions and role-play simulations with Carla and Moses. To conclude the workshop, students enjoyed learning about the basics of American Football, which can be a very common topic of small talk conversations and a way to connect with Americans in the US.

Moses demonstrates the American Football game with students

We believe that the Global MBA students are now more confident in building relationships with people in the US. Networking is a critical skill for their business opportunities in the future.

MLC provides Professional English Online Classes and Career Coaching Program for those who seek to enhance their English skills for their professional development. For more information, please visit MLC Live Online English Class and Corporate Training for Companies page.

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