Professional English Class: Claudy utilizes language skills as an environment specialist

Claudy, an agricultural engineer in Haiti, pursued their language goals by completing four sessions of Professional English Class Online, in addition to in-person classes at MLC. “I was working remotely in 2022 and decided to improve my Professional English, therefore I attended a 5 month Professional English Class at MLC,” they recalled. Claudy enjoyed their time with friends, while also improving their communications skills at MLC.

“I learned English and German as a third and forth language in Haiti, but it was insufficient for the professional level,” Claudy said. “While I had the basics for English, I lacked the confidence in communicating effectively. I was afraid of making mistakes and that prevented me from improving my language skills and professional growth. I thought these were the primary challenges I faced at that time.”

As a Natural Resources and Environment specialist with over a decade of experience, Claudy recognized the importance of English proficiency. They enrolled in MLC to surmount these obstacles, participating in two in-person classes and the Professional English Class. “Each week at MLC was a lot of fun for me, building good connections with other students and teachers,” Claudy reflected.

Upon completing their studies at MLC, Claudy secured a position at an international business consulting and training firm based in the US. Despite English being the language of all interviews, Claudy clinched the job offer. “It was another outcome I achieved through MLC. It was my second time going through interviews in English after attending MLC classes, and I secured the position,” Claudy said. “I applied all the skills I learned from MLC, especially from the Professional English Class.”

Claudy is a highly dedicated professional who remembers what they learned at the classes exceptionally well. “My teacher in the Professional English Class, Alexandra, strengthened my  language skills. She adeptly corrected errors, enhanced effective communication skills, and bridged cultural divides. She is an exceptional instructor.”

Later last year, Claudy decided to return to Haiti to work on multiple projects in their country. Despite their relocation, Claudy’s dedication to professionalism remains the same, driven by a commitment to the environment and natural resources for future generations. “English is now my primary working language, and what I learned at MLC is still helpful for me. I can apply my knowledge and skills I acquired from the Professional English Class,” they said.

As a long term goal, Claudy aims for a PhD degree specializing in biodiversity study. “If this happens, I will earn a PhD in English,” they envisioned. 

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