Professional English Class: How Naoki enhanced his professional communication skill

Meet our students in the Professional English Class! Naoki is a Senior Structure Engineering Manager focusing on designing and analyzing the architecture such as buildings and bridges. He has finished his Master of Structural Engineering at the University of Michigan this year, and joined MLC online and in-person classes while he has time in Ann Arbor before going back to Japan. 

“I wanted to enhance my professional English skill,” Naoki said. “While in the university, I didn’t have much time to focus on learning English itself. I certainly improved my proficiency in my process of earning the Master’s degree, but I felt that mostly I used specific terms related to the engineering field.”

He chose to take the Professional English Class online and the Speaking and Listening Class in-person, based on the advice of the MLC director.

“I will have more opportunities in the future to work on projects abroad, and it’s great to learn about how to negotiate, give feedback to coworkers, and many other professional communication skills,” he said. Professional English Class has a variety of students from different countries including the Mideast, Europe countries, China, and India. Naoki said it was one of the great benefits of this class to learn the cultural differences from other classmates, not only about the difference between Japan and the US.

“One of the most impressive lectures in this class was about how to give negative feedback in the US. I had imagined that American people usually would use very direct manner to express that kind of feedback, but it’s actually not. This was very good to know and helpful to work and communicate in the US,” Naoki said.

At Michigan Stadium with his wife and daughter

In his free time, Naoki loves to watch college sports games, and that makes him a great fit in the campus town, Ann Arbor. He said it was a little unfortunate that he had to leave this city soon, but MLC looks forward to seeing him advance his career in multiple projects in various countries!

MLC offers the Professional English Class in online format. Please feel free to contact us for more information:

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