Professional English Class: Yoshi to pursue her professional development as a psychologist

Meet the MLC alumni! Yoshi is originally from Japan and has lived in Michigan since she was a college student. She studied in the MLC online Professional English class in 2020 while working as a psychologist. How did the online class contribute to her professional development?

Before joining a clinic as a psychologist, Yoshi worked in a Japanese-based corporate setting. When she started to work at the clinic, Yoshi found out that meeting culture in America was very different from that of Japan. “It was challenging for me to cope with the cultural difference and I thought I would need to learn more about the meeting and communication techniques. In that sense, the Professional English Class was a perfect option for me because the class is held online and after-hours, which made it far easier for me to join after work.” In May 2020, she left a clinic and started her own private practice specializing in Equine Therapy. 

The Professional English Class has students from various professional backgrounds, and sometimes we have students who have almost no difficulty in English itself, like Yoshi. Many of them join the Professional English Class specifically because they want to enhance their professional meeting, presentation, and communication skills. Yoshi said it was really great to learn about differences, particularly between high context and low context cultures. “It was very helpful to communicate efficiently at my work place too,” she said.

Now Yoshi is working hard to increase the awareness of Equine Therapy, which is a form of psychotherapy utilizing horses as therapeutic partner. One of the major reasons horses are suitable for psychotherapy is that they naturally reflect on human emotions and energy because of their nature as prey animals. In short, they function like a mirror to reflect on what’s happening inside of you. As an equine therapist, Yoshi facilitates the communication between horses and clients and helps clients reflect on their feelings and thoughts.

The Professional English Class is focused on empowering students with cross-cultural communication skills and a deeper understanding of culture in an American workplace. Students can also incorporate their real-life work situations into their coursework. During the class, Yoshi created her business presentation and actually delivered the slides in front of instructors and other students. “I still use the presentation I created at the class when I introduce Equine Therapy,” she smiled. “What was great about this class was I was able to practice my presentation where I feel safe and comfortable: everybody is very supportive and it was an amazing opportunity to build my self confidence.”

Yoshi is one of our inspiring alumni who always seeks opportunities to develop professionally and help others through her meaningful work. We hope you the best for your future career in Michigan, Yoshi!

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