Professional English Class: Maki improves her professional communication skill as a trainee of global company

MLC is often a destination for professionals from international companies who take advantage of global training programs offered through their workplace. Maki, from Japan, is one of these professionals.

“I worked at the Purchasing Department of an automotive company for 4 years in Japan, and came to the US as a trainee,” Maki said.

Soon after she arrived in the US at the beginning of this year, Maki took MLC’s online private and group lessons. “I was not confident enough about communicating in English. I wanted to speak clearly with my U.S. coworkers,” she said.

When she started to work in the US, Maki found it challenging to jump into discussions and conversations with her colleagues. “I understand what they say, but it was difficult to find the right moment to start speaking.” In that sense, the Professional English Class turned out to be the right choice for her to learn more about communication skills and cultural differences in a professional setting.

“At a private lesson, I could speak and ask questions as much as I wanted. The online Professional Class is different, because I also need to pay attention to what other students say. It has been a bit challenging to catch up with the difference of various accents of my classmates, but I also enjoy the Professional English Class very much. Especially I liked the business presentation practice,” she said.

Maki is a highly motivated student who has a strong interest in pursuing her career abroad. “I will be staying in Ann Arbor until the middle of next year, and I am thinking about taking a TOEFL test sometime. I want to work abroad in the future.”

Having spent  one year in France as an exchange student during college, Maki knows how to enjoy and explore new places. “I already love Ann Arbor, and I enjoy walking around downtown on weekends to try restaurants and bars!”

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