Professional English Class: Daniel invests in professional growth through enhanced global communication skills

Daniel, from Mexico, is the Executive Manager of Administration and Finance at a global automotive company, Rassini. He has worked for Rassini in Brazil for 14 years and used mainly Portuguese at his workplace. As an executive manager of a large global company, he is particularly interested in improving English communication skills not only for himself but also for his colleagues.

“I oversee the HR department which is part of the Administration division, and I believe it is very important to provide our high-potential employees with more opportunities to enhance their English language skills,” he said. Daniel has been a leading figure in setting up English learning opportunities by partnering with MLC.

Daniel, second from right, with MLC staff members

Although the language he primarily uses in his regional office is Portuguese, he also communicates with colleagues, clients, and suppliers from other countries, in which case the official language is English. “I found it especially important for me and many other employees to communicate in a professional manner.”

Daniel and his colleagues participated in MLC’s online Professional English class last year in Brazil. “The Professional English classes were great. I could learn how to communicate with people in a correct way. Just being able to communicate does not always mean we can communicate properly. We need to build good relationships with stakeholders.”

After taking the online classes at MLC, he decided to utilize Rassini’s training program to join our in-person English classes in Ann Arbor for 5 weeks in March and April of this year. “The online classes were great, but I also wanted to attend MLC’s in-person classes here in Ann Arbor,” he said.

At MLC volunteer activity

He emphasizes the importance of being immersed in English. “There are pros and cons about online classes. It allows me to participate in the class from my country, but I have to go back to the Portuguese or Spanish environment once I finish the class. The in-person classes here, on the other hand, allows me to immerse myself in a totally English environment. It costs me more to live in the US for in-person classes, but I love to join multiple school activities after finishing my classes.” Daniel joins the co-curricular activities that MLC offers such as conversation hour and volunteer club. “I am immersed in English at MLC and in my everyday life. Every single moment is a learning opportunity,” he said.

It is inspiring to see Daniel’s passion for professional growth through enhanced global communication skills, not only for himself but also for his colleagues. “I know there are many talented and skilled employees, and I want to bridge the gap between their talents and the language barrier.”

To read more about MLC’s partnership with Rassini NHK, in which Daniel was instrumental, click here.

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