Case Study: Rassini NHK Automotive

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Rassini is one of the top producers of suspension and brake components in the world, and has over 10 offices in 6 different countries, including its subsidiary in Brazil, Rassini NHK Automotive (RNA). In order to effectively collaborate and communicate across such a global workforce, RNA has been actively looking for quality ESL classes for its employees.

The ideal solution would need to balance quality and cost. While the best quality instruction is often found in English-speaking countries such as the U.S., it is not ideal for employees to have to apply for visas, take a break from work, and travel to another country to take ESL classes. Local solutions often do not place students in an immersive, English-only environment that pushes them to step out of their comfort zone and regularly practice speaking English. Their improvement may be slow and incremental at best, and students may not have enough opportunities to build confidence in using English. In addition to this, many of the local English language schools only offer a more traditional curriculum that does not equip its students to use English confidently in a professional setting.


To address Rassini NHK Automotive (RNA)’s needs, MLC took the following steps:

  • Met with members of RNA’s HR team and other stakeholders in the company to understand the company’s needs and goals in relation to their English level
  • Evaluated the language learning needs of selected employees through online assessments and one-on-one interviews
  • Enrolled employees in the relevant online ESL classes and Professional English classes
  • Provided RNA’s HR team with progress reports at the end of each session


MLC’s online ESL and Professional English classes feature world-class, ESL-certified American teachers, level-appropriate digital ESL textbooks, and interactive online tools. The curriculum primarily focuses on grammar, pronunciation, general speaking and listening skills, and vocabulary building. Classes are composed of students from all over the world, and are always dynamic and full of opportunities for students to interact with each other and practice speaking English. Students are placed in an environment where they are pushed to practice English regularly, and are able to grow in their confidence to communicate effectively.

Lower-level students are also enrolled in our online Pronunciation Lab program. Through Pronunciation Lab, students are given one-on-one coaching to address their specific pronunciation-related issues in order to improve their intelligibility in spoken English. 

As students grow in their English proficiency, they have the opportunity to progress through five levels of classes to achieve more advanced learning objectives. At the most advanced level, students can enroll in MLC’s Professional English class, which focuses on high-level communication skills needed to succeed in the workplace and regularly attracts working professionals from all over the world.


MLC has been very responsive to RNA’s needs. At the end of every session, we evaluate the employees’ performances and provide HR with progress reports. We regularly survey our classes, and the RNA employees have given our classes a rating of 9.2 out of 10, resulting in an NPS score above 70 (rated as excellent).

MLC’s online classes are excellent. The classes use effective and up-to-date digital tools in their online classes, and contribute effectively and efficiently to RNA’s efforts to train our employees.
– Daniel Reyes, Executive Manager of Administration and Finance

RNA employees have seen improvements in their English ability and have progressed through MLC’s language levels to gain higher degrees of proficiency. Through MLC’s English classes, RNA is able to equip its workforce to collaborate more efficiently across language barriers.



About Rassini

Rassini is the world’s largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles as well as the largest fully integrated brake rotor producer in the Americas. The global company has eight manufacturing sites strategically located in North America and Brazil, as well as offices in six countries throughout the world.

About MLC

Founded in 1978, Michigan Language Center (MLC) is an accredited communications training institution that partners with corporate and public-sector clients to help leaders and staff improve cultural competency and overall verbal and written communication skills in a variety of contexts. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government subcontractors.

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