Professional English Class: EZ, empowered by classmates with professional backgrounds

One of our Professional English Class students, EZ, has extensive business experience and background for over 15 years in China. He studied at MLC as a full time student as he moved to Ann Arbor with his family. Now he is transferring to the Community College to advance his programming skills. 

“It’s a shame for me to leave MLC, as I had such a great experience here,” he said. EZ began to study at MLC in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and he started his MLC learning online. As MLC reopened some in-person classes in 2021, he hosted multiple in-person gatherings for MLC students who are graduating from the school. “After the long period that forced us to meet only virtually, I wanted to make some extra opportunities to get together with other students in-person.”

EZ is such an open-minded person and always enjoys interacting with people from various backgrounds. Thus it is no surprise that the class he enjoyed the most was the Professional English class. This class is held live online and many of the students join the class while they are working in the U.S. or other countries. “It was very inspiring for me to learn from other students who have great business experience and skills,” EZ said. “In my class, there was a student who already spoke perfect English, but he joined this online class to enhance his specific business English skill. It’s amazing.”

Now EZ wants to see what will happen after he pursues his study at a community college. Since he made the most of both learning formats at MLC – online and in-person, we’re excited to see him thrive in whatever setting he faces next!

We offer the online Professional English Class every session. To learn more about the class, please visit the webpage here.

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